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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-30-2019

Re: Generate DTM using eATE Manager

Hello Stephen, 


I have a question because even with the new SGM tool this issue keeps happening and the error is still the exact same as reported by Beate.

The error appears on every 'Generate' options in the Terrain group of the Photogrammetry Ribbon, which is expectable because they all use Batch. 


Number of simultaneous commands is 1 (default). 


I also tried it with a newly generated Educational Core Student License, which gave the same results.


Best regards, 



Technical Evangelist
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Re: Generate DTM using eATE Manager

Hello Reinier,


You are correct in that there is no change to the free student nodelocked licenses.  Educational Core Student Licenses do not include a license for the ERDAS Engine add-on module. You will be able to run ATE but not eATE or the new DSM extractor without Engine.  I was informed of 2 options.


  1. They can distribute the concurrent EDU licenses 1 at a time to the students if they aren’t using those licenses on campus right now due to COVID.  So, they will just need to rehost those and distribute those to the students.
  2. They can request the Single seat CC EDU licenses for the number of students they have for the duration they need.  So, if they have 10 students who will work on a project for 3 months, they can request this as a project license to distribute.


Best Regards,