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Georeferencing old maps (Affine transformation)

One of my customers is doing several test for georeferencing (old images that before were referenced with Iras/C)


This is what he says:


Imagine provides several possibilities. Affine calibration leads to a dialog whose variables aren’t what we expected: rotation – reflection.


I found it as a not straightforward concept…thus the question into a tutorial 😊


In theory, there’s a method to aply a georeferenced image into a map grid.







This is an example




Can you advise the easiest way to do this in IMAGINE?

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Re: Georeferencing old maps (Affine transformation)

Affine calibration doesn't do georeferencing. Using Control Points tool in Transform & Orthocorrect Group (visible when an image is displayed in Viewer or you could search for it under Help tab), the old map could be georeferenced via Polynomial or other 2D model based on control points. 

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Re: Georeferencing old maps (Affine transformation)

Here's a link to the tutorials which show you how to use the GCP editor:


Hope that helps.






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