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Accepted Solution

Geospatial PDF

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Hi everyone,


I'm currently trying the new Create Geospatial PDF operator of ERDAS Imagine V.16 Spatial Modeler. I am having a problem producing the Geospatial PDF output, from the messages it says "No appropriate data found on port(Filename)". I have very little background on the Spatial modeler and I'm starting to explore a bit just now.


Here's the procedure I did, please correct me if I am wrong.



  1. Raster Input 
  2. Vector Input (Overlay)


  1. Create Geospatial PDF

And so I have specified the file for each input and connected it with the Raster and Overlay list ports. By configuring the Create Geospatial PDF operator, I noticed that the Raster Input filenames and Overlay Input Filenames are not updated based on the Inputs I have just specified so I just added each file manually. Is this correct?


Now after doing all that, I left everything to default except the Output File which I initially specified.


After running the model, Raster and Vector input had checkmarks on it whilst a cross mark for the Create Geospatial PDF operator, with this reason "No appropriate data found on port(Filename)".


Hope you can enlighten me with this , I really am very interested in learning more about the Spatial Modeler.


Thanks and regards,







Occasional Contributor
Posts: 11
Registered: ‎01-06-2016

Re: Geospatial PDF

Hi everyone,


I think I have solved my dilemma.


I removed all the Input operators I added , then I just added the raster input and overlay input in the Create Geospatial pdf operator itself, it just took some time to process due to my large data , but I was able to produce the Pdf I needed and viewed it successfully on my PDF reader.