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HOWTO: Join a list of strings

[ Edited ]

EDITS 09302016: [1] model bugfix (trailing delimiter). [2] updated pics


I was working on a model where I needed to split a string up, change a part, then join it back together. Problem was that even though there's a Split operator, there wasn't a Join operator, so here's a homebrew op.


Like any Join operator, you can specify a delimiter to separate parts. Unlike others, however, this one is limited to joining 15 elements because that's about all I needed. This model has a chain of repeating parts, so if you need to handle larger joins, just copy-paste that repeating part to heart's content. I recommend inserting new parts into the second to last position. Mind the indexes. Here's what it looks like under the hood:


join mod.png




And here's an example of the output: