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How to display MicroImage format in ERDAS

I have some images with .img extension, but are not readable in the erdas neither 16 nor 18. Gets an error as attached.

Each .img has supporting 3 files i.e DSPLAYD.FIL, DSPSTAT.FIL and README. Readme reads as below:

The format mentioined in readme is "MicroImage" as below. What is microimage format ? How to display/import it in ERDAS ?

PATH = 146
ROW = 299
Format = MicroImage
Header = 512
No. Lines= 5900
No. Sampl= 9000
File Type= BSQ
Scanner = SPOT
Band = 1

I have tried importing the imagery in ERDAS with various formats like ArcInfo & Space Imaging BSQ format, all kinds of Spot formats and Generic Binary with the about information in the readme file. Nothing worked.

Best Regards,




Technical Evangelist
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Re: How to display MicroImage format in ERDAS

A raster file with the .IMG extension does not necessarily make it a supported format for use with IMAGINE. From reading the description in your post, you will need to import this data into a supported format before being able to directly read it in IMAGINE. It seems you have most of the necessary file parameters to import the data using the Generic Binary Importer. Have you tried this importer using the inputs shown below, assuming the data is unsigned 8 bit.






Posts: 74
Registered: ‎01-04-2017

Re: How to display MicroImage format in ERDAS

Hi Jdooley,


Thanks, I am able to import as Generic binary the BSQ format, as per the paramaters exhibited in the import dialouge below.


However, I have some data in BIL format  and I am unable to import  BIL as generic binary.  Belwo is the image info:


 Header = 512
No. Lines= 2340 (OR) 
No. Sampl= 3264 (OR) 
File Type= BIL (OR) 
Scanner = MSS
Bands = 4,5,6,7


Did trial and error with many options both by defining  Line and File Header Bytes options. 

Adding and Subtracting the Header bytes to/from both Row and Columns, nothing worked.


A parameter filling dialouge exhibit for BIL, same as the BSQ dialouge belwo, will be highly appereicated.


Thanks and Best Regards,