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How to import landsat 5 TM on ERDAS Imagine 2016 version

Hello everyone


I am using Erdas imagine 2016 version and i am using the landsat 5 TM product.

When I tried to import this USGS product I could not find the data format from the list given in the import window.

In the data format list several options are given that starts with TM Landsat.... and when I tried them they don't work and bring a separate window that says for example Could not find the standard format imàge file.


Please kindly help me on how to import this dataset using the Erdas imagine 2016 version? 

Thank you and looking forward to your suggestion.



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Re: How to import landsat 5 TM on ERDAS Imagine 2016 version

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Hi sdmed,


The USGS Landsat importer was updated to cover Landsat 5 variants in ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 (and I think there were further improvements made in Update 1).


I'd strongly recommend updating to ERDAS IMAGINE 2020.


If you cant update then you should be able to manually unpack the .tar.gz archive and use LayerStack to assemble the individual bands in TIFF format into a single multi-band image.




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