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Accepted Solution

How to manage No Data in Spectral Analysis Workstation

Dear all,

I am processing a data with the Spectral Analysis workstation and I would like to understand how the tools manages no data.

I have this hyperspectral images, that has 0 as NODATA.

I have some pixels, inside the image, that have 0 as value:




In Spectral Analysys workstation the signature is like this:

So the signature goes to 0 when the pixel has 0 (NO DATA).
Is not possible to ignore that value?

I don't want that the signature goes to 0 values.


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Re: How to manage No Data in Spectral Analysis Workstation

Hi gmaldera,


Spectral Analysis Workstation was written before NODATA recognition was added to IMAGINE. Unfortunately there is no way currently for Spectral Analysis Workstation to ignore NODATA values.