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How to read GRACE data in ERDAS



How can I read GRACE satellite files "GRC_CSR_RL04.1_SCS_LND_300_201201.txt.gz" in ERDAS.





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Re: How to read GRACE data in ERDAS

You will need to decompress the *.gz archive file first. Then you can use the 3D Surfacing tool to read in the ASCII data and perform surfacing to write the data to one of ERDAS IMAGINE’s supported raster formats for viewing and further analysis.


ERDAS IMAGINE > Terrain tab > Manage group > Terrain Prep Tool menu > Surfacing Tool


I’m not sure where you downloaded your GRACE data from, but you could also try downloading the GeoTIFF format GRACE data instead of the ASCII data.You would only need to decompress the downloaded *.gz archive file and then you can directly read the GeoTIFF data into ERDAS IMAGINE.


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Stephen Bent

Hexagon Geospatial Support