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How to view Elevation of a point in DEM displayed in 2D Viewer



How can I inquire with inquire cursor the hight info of a pixel displayed in 2D Viewer.

I think in the old version of ERDAS finding the pixel elevation was possible with inquire cousor even if DEM is displayed in 2D viewer.


I am using ERDAS 2018 update 2. I am only able to view the Elevation info when image is displayed in the 3D viewer.

I am not comortable in 3D viewer as the image here dispaly in a draped faishon. I want to view the image in 2D and inquare the pixel hights.


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Re: How to view Elevation of a point in DEM displayed in 2D Viewer

The Inquire Cursor is the correct tool to use for determining height values of individual pixels in your DEM. If your DEM does not have elevation information defined it will not show the height value in the Elevation section under the Inquire tab, but it will still list the pixel/height value in the Inquire table below the 2D View. You can define the elevation information for your DEM using the Image Metadata tool (Image Metadata > Edit menu > Add/Change Elevation Info). Or you can temporarily assign the elevation source using the elevation section of the Status bar. The Status bar is found at the bottom of the ERDAS IMAGINE workspace and provides a constant source of information. Left-click in the elevation part of the Status bar and select Choose Elevation Source, then select your DEM and your vertical units and click OK.


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Stephen Bent

Hexagon Geospatial Support