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IMAGINE Photogrammetry. GF2 satellita data processing

Dear friends


We want to process GF2 satellite data in IMAGINE Photogrammetry. Our version is 16.0


We didn't found in supported sensor models of IMAGINE Photogrammetry this satellite


But we gon confirmation from satellite operator that they use ERDAS SW


We want to know


Can ERDAS process GF2 data. In which vvesion. Or maybe HG has some special hotfix/SP for this




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Re: IMAGINE Photogrammetry. GF2 satellita data processing



IMAGINE Photogrammetry doesn’t support GF2 Rigorous sensor model. If GF2 data comes with RPC it may be compatible with one of the Rational Functions Geometric Models in the list. If you can provide a sample image with metadata we can test and let you know which sensor model may be suitable for GF2 data.


Best Regards,


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Re: IMAGINE Photogrammetry. GF2 satellita data processing

I've just had a quick test of this. It seems that the RPC file is in the same format as GeoEye. Tried using that model and it seems to work well creating a block and with orthorectification. However, there may be some issues trying to create a DEM.