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IPS + ADS100 Blocktool Error

I've repeatedly run into the same non-descriptive error when trying to build pyramids in IPS for two strips of Leica ADS100 data. I can sucessfully create the block file, and the interior and exterior orientation is showing green, but when I try to build pyramids, the software crashes with a "blocktool has stopped working" error. No other information is provided. Any thoughts or troubleshooting ideas? Thanks much!!

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Re: IPS + ADS100 Blocktool Error



Please check the session log for additional warnings and error messages. Can you view these ADS .sup files successfully in IMAGINE Viewer? Have you edited and corrected the paths in .sup file? For example, there shouldn’t be any double dots in the path name but exact folder name.

I have tested generating pyramids with an ADS100 dataset, and I cannot reproduce the problem. I have edited the L1 .sup files, corrected the paths. Then I have created a mixed sensor block file, added .sup files to the block. As soon as I added the .sup files, IMAGINE Photogrammetry immediately asked to generate pyramids and it generated the rrd files without any issues. And I can load the images in IMAGINE Viewer and zoom into different pyramid layers successfully.

Please submit a support ticket for this issue and provide us the dataset to replicate the problem.


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