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Accepted Solution

Illegal object definition error

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When I try to add a raster generated in ArcMap (have tried both an .img and a .tif) into IMAGINE in order to explore some of the thematic raster tools (e.g. clump) to clean up my classification, I get this error message: Illegal object definition; start char =
, 0x0a, both when I add the file, and then when I try to do anyting with it.  My images are in WGS84, UTM Zone 12, and IMAGINE displays them in spite of the error message, but nothing else.


Will appreciate any suggestions.

More info:  the raster is a thematic image with classes 0,1,2,3, 10 generated by combining certain NDVI values, and certain BUI values generated from within ArcMap, and then reclassified from continous to classified.  I couldn't figure out how to do any of this (other than creating the continuous, grayscale, NDVI) in IMAGINE so reverted to ArcMap where it is easy to play around with thresholds/breakpoints btw classes, and with different color ramps, and to write a map algebra conditional equation.  I'd like to use IMAGINE's image processing tools, but can't proceed.............




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Re: Illegal object definition error

 Hi Phil,


Occasionally that error message is due to the file path or file name. IMAGINE sometimes does not run certain operations with path/file names with spaces or unusual characters. Check your file path for this.


Otherwise try saving the file in IMAGINE to img, sometimes using the spatial modeler is best for this as you can specify thematic/continuous and bit level. Then run the clump operation. 


To do the NDVI process in IMAGINE you probably wanted to use the spatial modeller, specifically the criteria operator to combine the NDVI values into classes.Also create custom colour tables in the spatial modeller too.




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Re: Illegal object definition error

Thanks.  removing the _ in the file name seems to have resolved the problem (unless the problem was unrelated, and the real solution was shutting down and starting a new file?).


I appreciate your suggestions re: modelling NDVI as thematic ratser etc...