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Imagine 2018 won't run

I have a student license for Imagine 2018.  Initially installed the software and it ran fine.  Several weeks later it started taking a very long time to run certain processes.  Eventually, features stopped working (e.g., supervised classification).  In an effort to fix things, I uninstalled everything (Imagine and Geospatial Licensing) and relinstalled (anti-virus turned disabled).  Imagine won't start up now.  A process for it shows up in the task manager, but it isn't starting after waiting 10+ minutes.  Also, the Geospatial Licensing 2018 won't now activate my license either.  Any advice would be appreciated as I'm in the middle of a class that uses the software extensively.


Windows 10 Pro version 1803


Imagine 2018

Updates 1 and 2 installed

Geospatial Licensing 2018

Java Update 201 8.0.2010.9 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)




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Re: Imagine 2018 won't run

Hi there,



Your system specs look good. This is not a common problem. Something exceptional is happening (or not happening). If everything was running fine, and then suddenly started running slowly, that’s an indication something changed in the system environment. When the features eventually stopped working, did you see any error messages?


So now IMAGINE doesn’t start at all after reinstalling, any error messages? Do any dialogues open when starting IMAGINE? If the software doesn’t start because of licensing, you would normally see a licensing error. If not, something else might be causing the problem.


Regarding Geospatial Licensing 2018 not working, please explain what ‘not working’ means. Doesn’t start? Starts but doesn’t activate the license? Any errors during activation?


Can you think of any changes made to the system environment? New software installed? How much available memory do you have? Tried a hard reboot?


Direct Support is not offered for Student Licenses but someone at the University who is registered for Support should be able to help you or to log a support ticket for you.