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Importing data in batch


I would like to import several images from Digital Globe TIL format to IMG. However there is no batch option for the "Import Data" tool.

A workaround I wanted to try was opening the TIL files in a spatial model but TIL is not a valid raster format.


Does anyone has a solution for this issue? I'm using ERDAS IMAGINE 2016


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Re: Importing data in batch

You will find the Batch button in the Import Digital Globe TIL (Direct Read) dialog window, which will display after you have chosen one of your input Digital Globe TIL files and click the OK button in the Import dialog.


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Stephen Bent

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Re: Importing data in batch

Also, if you want to use Spatial Modeler in ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 just type *.TIL in the File Chooser. You'll then be able to ingest TIL files.


If you have ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 Update 2 the TIL format is presented as a standard file type in the File Chooser (and will be much faster than in 2016).




Ian Anderson
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