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Interferometry (InSAR) Workflow

I have been trying to practice InSAR workflow but the dataset for the tutorial isn't available. To download a reference DEM, the workflow points out "Find correct Tile Number using" and "Download the SRTM DEM from" neither of the links is online. Any help, I would appreciate it.

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Re: Interferometry (InSAR) Workflow

Hi @Geoshadi,


You can use this website to find the tile number AND download the SRTM data.


Kind regards,


Stephen Bent
Post-Sales Engineer Remote Sensing

Geospatial Division


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Re: Interferometry (InSAR) Workflow

I am grateful for your response but, May I ask which satellite insar images that are compatible with Erdas imagine? I tried Sentinel 1 SLC images but they never load. The program doesn't read the files. 

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Re: Interferometry (InSAR) Workflow

Hi @Geoshadi 


This document breaks down the SAR-based capabilities (and which products they are available in):




What version of ERDAS IMAGINE are you running? Can't remember exactly when support was introduced for Sentinel-1 but you can certainly open them in ERDAS IMAGINE 2020 Update 2.




Ian Anderson
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