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Accepted Solution

Landsat8 - Batch Processing Problem

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Hello everybody,


I have a little problem with batch command. I'm trying to build a batch command to import Landsat *tar.gz images (froma a tar.gz obtain a msi.img and a tir.img)

The batch command has one Input and three Ouputs, the first one is a temp file, the second one is the MSI stack and the third one is the thermal. 

The batch is working but I have to set manually Cancel to this window.

It seems that it can not delete the temporary file, I tried it in different ways but the window always opens so the batch is not automatic but stops because of this window.
How can I solve this problem?
Thank you


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Re: Landsat8 - Batch Processing Problem

It worked for me so long as I don't check the Delete File After Processing box for the variable storing the un-zipped files. Will that work for you in this instance?



Ian Anderson
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