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Accepted Solution

Licensing Issue

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Good afternoon,


I received a student license yesterday from my school and am trying to get it to work on my home desktop. I used the information linked here:


Everything went fine and without a hitch. I opened up the program and then started working on my homework. Once I needed to go into the Toolbox and use the Model Maker tool, I receive this:


ERDAS Lic Fail.jpg


I have gone into the Geospatial Licensing Administrator 2018 program and tried to activate the license there, but not sure if I really have to or not since I have a NL coded license and not a CC coded license. Regardless, it didn't work anyway.  I did also find another post o here that talks about a broken .Net link, so I went in and repaired that, and then again tried to activate the license through the Geospatial Licensing program.  It did go a bit further this time, actually showed the license and I clicked on the activate button, then it disappears and I can't tell if there is a license or not.  Still get the same error pictured above though.


When I first log in, I do get a screen that says I am using a license for IMAGINE Essentials versin 16.5 from my college.  Any help would be appreciated on this so I can get to work on this project.


Thank you.

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It was determined that @spatialguy was using a Geospatial U student license. The Geospatial U student license only provides access to the Essentials tier of ERDAS IMAGINE, which does not include Model Maker. The Model Maker tool requires a license for ERDAS IMAGINE Advantage. Instead of using a Geospatial U student license you need an Educational Core student license. The license administrator at your university can provide you with a new license activation ID for the Educational Core student license that will allow you use the ERDAS IMAGINE Advantage and ERDAS IMAGINE Professional product tiers.


Kind regards,


Stephen Bent

Hexagon Geospatial Support