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Map Composer: Legend Element

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Hello everybody,


I'm creating this post because I'm having trouble when I try to create a Legend Element in a Map Composition (I'm working in ERDAS IMAGINE 15.00)


For creating the map I followed this steps:

1.- I added the satelital image and the vectors (shape files) in a 2D View

2.- I created the simbology for each vector and save them as *.evs

3.-I created a new map composition

4.- I added a map frame and select the elements from the viewer

5.- I added a map grid, a north arrow, scale bar, and other map information


So I have something like this: 


Link to the image: 


The problem is that when I try to add the Legend Element Smiley Frustrated, actually I don't know how the insert legend Element works, but what I want to do is to add the simbology from all my shapefiles I have in the map  but It only let me add the simbology from the upper vector:



Link to the image: 


Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? And how can I insert the legend for all my vector layers?




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Re: Map Composer: Legend Element

Hello Carolina,


Here is a workaround of how the legend of all the vector files can be placed...


  1. Place the individual Legend's of each individual vector file by moving the position of each shapefile in the tree view to the top.
  2. Using the option Drawing tab --> Arrange --> Ungroup, ungroup the elements within all the Legend's place.
  3. Delete the unwanted ones and arrange the required Legend entries into a single Legend.
  4. Select all the items in the Legend and using the option Drawing tab --> Arrange --> Group, group them.


Please see the attached zipped video recording showing the above workaround.




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Re: Map Composer: Legend Element

Thanks for your answer and for the video!