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Moisture Stress Index



I am wondring what is "Moisture Stress Index" in ERDAS ?


Does it  calculate the defeciency of moisture in plants ? or Calculate Soil moisture ?


What does the calculaed index indicates ? Lowest or highest moisture ?


If it is soil, does the calculated index indicates indicates the higest moisture or the lowerst moisture ?


If the index is classified, what does the classes indicates ? level of moisture increasing or decreasing, the index class being the last class in classification ?


I searched Field guide and on net but couldn't get an specific answer.





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Re: Moisture Stress Index



The Moisture Stress Index (MSI; Rock et al., 1986) is a spectral reflectance index designed to assess levels of vegetation moisture stress. The MSI is a broad-band ratio which utilises a combination of the moisture-affected SWIR and the, theoretically, unaffected NIR.


You should be able to find details online, such as this page:




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