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Mosaic of Spot 6 and 7 Ortho is weird

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I am trying to Mosaic two Spot 6 and 7 Ortho scenes, but the result is weird, as can seen in the attached file.

Is there any special procedure in ERDAS to deal with Otho rectified images, for displaying, mosiacing etc., ?





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Re: Mosiac of Spot 6 and 7 Ortho is weird

That is weird!


When you imported the data into MosaicPro did you select Compute Active Area from the Image Area Option tab? This is generally a good thing to do. It looks like you may not have done and then automatically created seam lines which has produced that zig zag seam.


Try bringing the data in again using compute active area and then when you click on generate seam lines make sure the line runs nicely down the overlap area of the two datasets.


You'll probably want to do some colour balancing as well. Use the Exclude Area option in Color Correction to mask out the sea areas otherwise you probably won't get a great result.