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MosaicPro - Save input image outlines as shapefile


I am orthorectifying and mosaicing hundreds of aerial photos, and am looking for a way to create image footprints of the individual orthorectified photos. Note that I need footprints of the "active area" of the orthorectified file - I don't want the footprints to incorporate the surrounding background data. Therefore I don't think that the Create Footprint Layer function is suitable (unless there are settings that can be changed to outline active area only).


In MosaicPro I've found that you can export the input file footprints as an Annotation layer (.ovr). This looks really promising! But is there a way to convert this annotation layer to a shapefile?

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Re: MosaicPro - Save input image outlines as shapefile

Hi Lola5,


Not sure about MosaicPro, but this will definitely generate active area footprints for you (in Shapefile format):


If you want to use it in the Batch tool to process a large number of images at once I would recommend removing the "Suffix" Port Input and instead hardcoding the suffix on the port of the relevant Cat operator (Cat 3). That way you don't need to specify the output filename suffix for every input (given that it will generally be the same).





Ian Anderson
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Hexagon Geospatial
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Registered: ‎02-23-2017

Re: MosaicPro - Save input image outlines as shapefile

Hi Ian,


Thanks for this tip! I tried out the 'generate footprint' model, but couldn't get it to batch past 8 frames before it seemed to get stuck and stopped producing shapefiles. I tested it on quite a few different directories of imagery and it behaved the same for all of them. I admit that this could be due to the set up at my end.


Since time was of the essence I went back to the original conundrum, and worked out how to convert the active footprint annotations from MosaicPro to shapefiles:

  • open an annotation layer and a blank shapefile in the same view
  • make the shapefile editable
  • copy and paste between the two layers

I had to reattach the attributes in a separate program, but it did the job.