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Registered: ‎05-02-2018

MosaicPro on Imagine 2018 - Again an error on this process

Hi everyone,
It's again me having again errors with Erdas Imagine 2018, which not permitted to progress on my word. This is really annoying.


Dataset : 14 Tri-Stereo Pleiades images

I related some weeks ago, an error on the merge process of cloud points generated with SGM Tridicon module. Impossible to merge while using preprocessed option (thin and filter points). So I just merged the cloudpoints without preprocess.
Now I have a big cloudpoint as Terrain.


I then, run Mosaic Pro to get an orthorectify mosaic images of my images (1 image per Tri-Stereo - the most Nadir). I add the cloudpoint as Terrain, I crop the image by taking off the 0 value of the images. I have then, polygons on each images which include only the image data (not the black border). This is great.
I select all the images, make them visible and display them. Great.

I use the histogram matching to correct the colors. Great.

No problem until here.

Finally to get my orthomosaic, I click on run Mosaic and after few minutes, I've got the error 1073741819 on the log file.

Am I the only one having so much problem with Erdas Imagine 2018 ?
Thank's for any answer.

Technical Evangelist
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Re: MosaicPro on Imagine 2018 - Again an error on this process

It sounds like you are following the correct procedure to create your orthomosaic. The problem could be related to your data and/or system resources. I would suggest that you submit a support ticket so that we can investigate this problem further. If you are outside of North America please contact your local Hexagon Geospatial partner and they will work with us to determine what could be causing this issue.


Kind regards,


Stephen Bent

Hexagon Geospatial Support