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Accepted Solution


Dear all


I'm new user of ORIMA add-on

I generated the license file (.lac) on the hexagon web service by the LAC and tried to instal and manage the license for ORIMA. Unfortunately there is no success.

Can you please help and give me a step-by-step instuction how to instal the license and launch the ORIMA


Before the ORIMA we have installed


  1. Foundation 2016
  3. ERDAS IMAGINE 2016.1 (service pack)
  4. ORIMA

ERDAS is ok. We installed the license by Intergraph Licensning Administration and it works.


Please explain what I have to define to customize ORIMA


1. After installation I had this wizzard




2.The next



3. Here I define the folder where the .lic file.

what the taget location?



4. What exactly I have to define here?

4. 4.JPG


and then?

Will the SW launch or not?

Do I have to import .lic file in Intergraph License administration?


Thank you

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Please submit a Support Request for these questions. Once the issues are confirmed to be resolved, a post can be made back to the Community for the benefit of other ORIMA users who may have the same issues.


Kind Regards,


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If you import your license file in Intergraph License Administrator tool you don’t need to specify the license file again. You may click Cancel on ORIMA configuration wizard. As Jeff mentioned if you are having licensing issues please submit a service request and we will help you.


In ORIMA Preference utility you may specify preferences like language or you can select if you would like Viewplex image windows inside or outside of ViewPlex during point measurement. You can always change these preferences after you install the software by launching ORIMA Preference Utility from Windows Start Menu ->All Programs-> ORIMA 2016-> ORIMAPreference. By default preference utility is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\ORIMA 2016\Programs.


ORIMA also has the capability to launch multiple APMs. Either they run concurrently or the APM jobs are placed into a queue and executed sequentially. How many jobs should be started concurrently is specified using the ORIMA Preference utility, which is launched by default at the end of the installation. Or you can always change it later running the Utility as described above.


Best Regards,