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Photogrammetric overlap reporting?

Photogrammetric block has along and across line overlap. Is there an easy way to report that out? I know some functions (like SGM&eATE) calculate it and accept/decline that pair out from process but I have never found is there an easy way to report for each pair what are the overlap percentages and which files are involved in that overlap?


The best shot I have in mind now is that if you export block to shape/kml and then make calculation in GIS tools but for that some scripts or functions to get started would be nice.


Any ideas? Mainly looking for GIS tool scripts for overlap calculation. If this message suits better in Image Station forum we can proceed there too.

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Re: Photogrammetric overlap reporting?



This is answered in a support ticket.  It is possible to create an overlap report in Classic ATE.


The workflow is:


  1. Launch Classic ATE
  2. Click Advanced properties
  3. Go to Image Pair Tab
  4. Reduce the image pair calculation threshold (minimum is 5%)
  5. Click Recalculate
  6. Highlight all Rows and press shift and highlight only Image Pair name and Overlap %
  7. Click dropdown caret and select Report
  8. Click OK in Report Format Definition, your report will be created listing image pairs and their overlap percentage. Or, you can select Edit->Copy and paste it in a document.






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Re: Photogrammetric overlap reporting?

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Brilliant - just what I needed just in place where I did not understood to look.


Thanks, Timo