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Pixel data values and file pixel values

Dear all,

             I'm a new guy in remote sensing. When I look at a sentinel 2a image of band 12, I find that the file pixel value is different from pixel data. Based on sentinel 2 user guide, pixel data values/10000 stand for BOA spectral reflectance. So what does the file pixel value stand for? How can I get the file pixel vaule from the image file?



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Re: Pixel data values and file pixel values

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Hi crown135,


That's (hopefully) an easy one to finish off with before the Christmas break. In the Image Metadata dialog, the column headings are indicating your x locations (left-right, east-west) and the Row numbers are your y locations (up-down, north-south). I.e. the pixels are organised the same as you are seeing the image displayed in the 2D View. So I think you've got then reversed.


If you want to look at column 4778, row 3997 you need to drive the Inquire Cursor to 4778, 3997 (not 3997, 4778)



If you're trying to do the opposite (find a feature in the 2D View and then look at that location in Image Metadata for the purpose of seeing surrounding pixel DN values) it would be easiest to upgrade to ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 (with the new Inquire Cursor, which I think was Update 1) and use the Show Neighbor Values option.






Ian Anderson
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Re: Pixel data values and file pixel values

Thank you very much!