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Producing Point Cloud Data

I'm trying to produce point cloud data from overlapping sattelite images. I'm using IMAGINE photogrammetry for this process. I am using enchanced ATE process. I want to produce a 6 points per square meter point cloud data. Could you please suggest the right parameters to achieve my desired output.

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Re: Producing Point Cloud Data



In eATE you can either define “Point Sampling Density” in Process Engine Settings if you want to use pixel-wise matching. Or, if you want to match at a regular interval in ground space you can use “Match Density” in output settings. To use match density, you need to uncheck “Image Space” in Process Engine Settings.


Depending on the image Ground Sampling Distance you can estimate your point cloud density. For example if you have 10cm GSD and you want a point in every 10cm set Point Sampling Density to 1, if you want a point in every 40cm then set Point Sampling Density to 4 (every 4 pixels) and if you want a point in every 1 meters (every 10 pixels) then set the Point Sampling Density to 8 which is the next available value below 10.


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