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Question: NDVI

Hi, I have question,


  1. How to recode color of NDVI
  2. Can I convert/subset area with certain range of NDVI to shp/aoi/etc.

Thank you.

Technical Evangelist
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Re: Question: NDVI

The product of NDVI analyses from IMAGINE is a single layer Continuous floating point data type. The default display mode for Continuous data is Gray Scale. The default Gray Scale display mode can be overridden to use a color table (Pseudo Color) from the Raster Options tab in the Select Layer To Add dialogue.


Pseudo Color.JPG




Then goto the Raster |Table tab and select Show Attributes. This will enable the Row and Query table options.


Open the  Raster | Table |Colors utility to assign color ramps to the image.


After assigning the colors, Save the Top Layer will save the color table to the .IMG file or to the associated .aux file for non-native image formats (e.g. TIFF, JPEG 2000). You will still have to overide the default Gray Scale display mode with Pseudo Color when you need to see colors.