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Registered: ‎12-06-2017
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RMSE and Resample correct

Hi all,


I have a old historical aerial photo that I worked on and using an AutoSync. What is funny is that when I use the control points on them.

When I ran Resample to check if it is overlay with the reference image and it is overlay correct.  But the Problem is the RMSE is  high..


I am speechless here but I want to share with this you all ..  The total Points is 51  The RMSE is 90.51


Before I resample the image, The Project Properites are as follow as :








Any suggest what might go wrong here ?








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Re: RMSE and Resample correct

Your terrain looks rugged - most likely you see a effct on height differences in RMSE. Try chaning geometric correction method to something more advanced. The best for this case is probably DLT (Direct Linear Transformation) that estimates sensor a bit and uses terrain to compensate height differences. Just increasing polynomial order does not work. It only adds weird twisting in data.



Posts: 25
Registered: ‎12-06-2017

Re: RMSE and Resample correct

Thank you for explaining this..


I can see why it could twist some of my aerial photo.


Ok I will try and change the DLT.