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Raster reprojection using Grid Shift File

Hi everyone,


We have problem to reproject images from UTM 34N projection (WGS 84) to our local projection -Transvese Mercator (Bessel elipsoid).


We have global parameters for transformation (7 parameters) from WGS84 to our Datum.

We created custom datum in Bessel spheroid in with these parameters and reprojection works fine


Also, we have two grid shift files (from Republic Geodetic Authority) with corections for X and Y axes with *.grd extensions, but we are not sure how to use this file in Imagine.

We have tried everything described in Imagine documentation, but we can't even start reprojection if we select custom created SURFACE datum based on our shift files.


Is there any example of Grid Shift File that can be used by ERDAS Imagine


Here is example of our grid shift file for X  corections.


335 443
7330000 7664000       
4676000 5118000
-2.199 1.938
 1.70141e+038 1.70141e+038 -0.594 -0.7636317931404248 -0.8034032267240883 -0.8512612755587443
-0.8583685273961227 -0.8839122682793533 -0.893864837023883 -0.9050949092442463 -0.9207510435915166 -0.9419644929386921 -0.9755449226477218 -1.002664309673755 -1.024223544129892 -1.031885423236891
-1.025876910269664 -1.014072729143595 -1.053654819838707 -1.070667727291563 -1.100215093563694 -1.200573390487456 -1.266282570600063 -1.331761180081558 -1.392728216261435 -1.392664611931049........................................







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Re: Raster reprojection using Grid Shift File

Hello Mladen,

Can you please create a service request for this problem?  Technical Support needs to look at his one for you. 


Thank you,

Cheryl Brantley