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Registered: ‎02-03-2016

Re: Access levels



Please help me how Erdas software calculate for every image base on resolution

for example...when click at "reset: 1:1" button erdas show

worldview image (0.5m) and best scale is 1:1786

Quickbird image (0.6m) and best scale is 1:2156

Ikonos image (1.0m) and best scale is 1:3571


how this software get this number 1786, 2156 and 3571..




thank you


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Registered: ‎04-18-2016

Re: 1 to 1 Zoom



1:1 simply means for every file pixel will display with every one screen pixel. Its a factor of your file spatial resolution and your screen resolution. Why you are seeing changes in scale factor as you change the resolution of the imagery example.


For any tool you are unsure about, i suggest looking at that relavent section in the help documentation and/or Wiki. Detailed explanation found here: