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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-30-2017

SGM error in creating point cloud

Hello. I am trying to make point cloud using SGM in Erdas. At the end it manages to create LAS file, but when I try to open it, there is error that says:


Unable to create point cloud layer. Cloud has no points and an invalid exent.


The log I get from command prompt when I run SGM is:


0 [0x000000c0] INFO root null - Start ...

0 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null - Intergraph licensing: initialized system.

78 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null - Intergraph licensing: license correctly checked out.

78 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null - Build: 6.1.0-29856 (stable build) on Windows 64-bit

Starting: Processing DSM Extraction - Job dsc_0761_dsc_0746_0

78 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null -

Input and Parameterization


Input - Base Image:                 c:/crkva agisoft erdas slike/sgm/dsc_0761.tif

Input - Pair Image:                 c:/crkva agisoft erdas slike/sgm/dsc_0746.tif

Input - Band Index:                 1

Input - Pixel System:               UL Line ("Scanline Orientation" = 4)

Input - Focal Length:              34.67 mm

Input - Pixel Size:                 6.19 microns

Input - Center Pixel, x:         1936.02 pixels

Input - Center Pixel, y:         1296.00 pixels

Input - Base EOP, X:               19.170 m

Input - Base EOP, Y:                0.663 m

Input - Base EOP, Z:              -10.558 m

Input - Base EOP, omega:         -145.17480 deg

Input - Base EOP, phi:             14.40940 deg

Input - Base EOP, kappa:           -9.03054 deg

Input - Pair EOP, X:              -95.888 m

Input - Pair EOP, Y:               -0.142 m

Input - Pair EOP, Z:               -0.524 m

Input - Pair EOP, omega:         -120.23459 deg

Input - Pair EOP, phi:            -41.82520 deg

Input - Pair EOP, kappa:           40.86750 deg

Input - Azimuth Base -> Pair:     -90.40042 deg

Input - LSR Anchor, Lon:            0.00000 deg

Input - LSR Anchor, Lat:            0.00000 deg

Input - LSR Anchor, Height:         0.000 m

109 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null -

Input - Ground AOI (X,Y,Z):      -544.1,     -165.3,    -16.4

                                 -544.1,      221.1,    -16.4

                                  481.4,     -165.3,    -16.4

                                  481.4,      221.1,    -16.4

109 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null - Available RAM: 15313 MB - Maximum Disparity Range: 1435

109 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null - Available RAM: 15313 MB - Maximum Disparity Range: 1435

125 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null -

Input - Rectification Height:     -16.4 m

L1 Start - X (Sample):             32

L1 Start - Y (Line):               32

L1 Size - Width (Samples):       6144 =   6 Tiles of 1024 Samples

L1 Size - Height (Lines):        6144 =   6 Tiles of 1024 Lines

Features - Data File:               none

Processing - Final Min Level:       0 (1:1)

Output - Min Level:                 1 (2:1)

Output - GSD (approx.)              0.00 m

Output - Color Encoding:            RED GRN BLU

Output - Color Encoding Profile:    none

Output - Format:                    LAS

SGM - Mode:                         Disparity from all SGM Directions (Classic SGM)

SGM - Directions:                  16

SGM - Penalty P1:                   0.100 =    10% of Max Cost

SGM - Penalty P2:                  10.00  =  1000% of Max Cost / DN-Gradient

SGM - Urban Mode (Ext. Range):      false

Disparity Merge - Max Diff:         4.00

Final Disparity - Outlier Size:    50

Final Disparity - Median Filter:    3 x 3

Keep Vertical Surfaces:                  true

Thinning - Neighborhood Filter:     5 x 5

Thinning - Significance Rank(s):    1

Thinning - Approximate Rate:       25

Output - Projection:                LSR System

Output - Horizontal Datum:          WGS84 (metres)

Output - Vertical Datum:            ellipsoid (metres)

CUDA requested:                     false

CUDA enabled:                       false

SSE supported by this CPU:          4.20

Using SSE4 optimized SGM.

125 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null - SGM Processing of Entire Job (Min Levels)


140 [0x000000c0] INFO XProSGM null - Min Level 4  -  Disparity Min/Max/Range:  -722 /   717 / 1440  -  LSR-Z Min/Max/Range:   -17.5 m /   -15.3 m /    2.3 m


Can anyone please help me, it would mean a lot to me??

Technical Evangelist
Posts: 260
Registered: ‎10-21-2015

Re: SGM error in creating point cloud



Please make sure your triangulation results are good before generating terrain. Could you please test if classic ATE runs without problems with this block?  If not, please check session log for error messages. It is challenging to troubleshoot this problem without the dataset. If you submit a support ticket through our Support Portal and provide a small dataset we can investigate this issue.


Best Regards,



Occasional Contributor
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎08-30-2017

Re: SGM error in creating point cloud

When I run ATE, I get error:


cannot compute the minimum and maximum elevation value from the global DEM. Enter the appropriate min and max values in the GUI if an LSR system. Otherwise check the block is set up correctly.


I was trying before to submit a ticket, but they are not mailing me with information about access to portal. I don't get message in Inbox, nor in Spam.



Technical Evangelist
Posts: 260
Registered: ‎10-21-2015

Re: SGM error in creating point cloud



Default Min/Max Z values are from the global DEM. If your block file is in LSR, unknown/cartesian coordinate system, you will need to manually enter Min/Max Z values to apply for all regions. You can also edit the range for each pair on the Area Selection dialog in Advanced Properties. These values have significant effect on ATE results and should be entered correctly. If you don’t know the elevation range of your project, you can also view the stereopairs in Terrain Editor and look for the highest and lowest areas and note the elevation.


If you send a message to me and let me know your account and contact information, I can help you submit a ticket.


Best Regards,