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Segment Point Cloud Classifications

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I am trying to generate tree canopy shapefiles using .las files, and I believe the first step would be to segment point clouds by their classifications. How do you do this?

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Re: Segment Point Cloud Classifications

does your .las point cloud already have classes assigned to it, or do you need to classify it as well?


If it's already classified then just select the Tree (or other taller vegetation) class using the Point Cloud Build Selection Criteria and Point Cloud Delete Points operators. This should give you just the Tree points. Then you can use things like Point Cloud to Raster to convert the Tree points into a raster class. Then Convert to Features and Features Output to a shapefile.


If the pointcloud isn't already classified then you need to do that first. If you need vegetation classes you can try the Point Cloud Classify operator.




Ian Anderson
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Re: Segment Point Cloud Classifications

Thank you!