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Split line at fixed intervals

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I am using ERDAS IMAGINE 2018. Is it possible to split line features in segment having fixed length?


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Re: Split line at fixed intervals

Dear @andreant ,


To meet your requirement "having fixed length", I don't believe you can do it with currently available operators. I would encourage you to post a Product Idea on our Ideation Page for something called Subdivide Linear Features to split line using defined parameters (e.g. length or number of individual lines). 


From currently available tools, I can only think of Generate Functional Attributes operator, mainly the SEGMENTS function that will return each vertex-to-vertex line segment as a separate polyline.


2019-05-27 15_14_19-Start.png

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Marina Vardovska
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Re: Split line at fixed intervals

The DENSIFY expression function would come a little closer to what you are wanting to achieve, but even if will not guarantee intervals of a specific size.  - Hal