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Accepted Solution

USB TopoMouse doesn't work under PRO600

I recently installed Microstation V8i and Pro600 for Image station (2018 version), so far so good. Except the Topo Mouse doesn't work in this configuration.


It's installed on a Windows 10 Pro environment, and I downloaded and tested several mouse drivers (from the Hexagon site, and via the Pac-Geo vendor site). The system mouse works fine, and the TopoMouse doesn't (they were seperately added under devices in PRO600)


Anyone had this issue before and knows (or has suggestions) how to solve this?


Thanks in advance! Arnold

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Re: USB TopoMouse doesn't work under PRO600



Since your OS is Win 10, you should install the driver v6.7.2.


Here are instructions to install the driver:

  •  Download the TopoMouse driver (v6.7.2) for windows 10 from (The file is called installe_USBXpress_SDK.exe)
  • Install the driver to its default location which is C:\SiliconLabs\MCU
  • After install is completed go to the folder C:\SiliconLabs\MCU\USBXpress_SDK\Driver
    • There are two executables in this folder (USBXpressInstaller_x64.exe, USBXpressInstaller_x86.exe).
    • Install the one that is appropriate for the machine
  • Once installation is completed, connect the TopoMouse and add it to the devices list in PRO600 ViewPlex.
  • It should work properly at this stage.


Please note that the Topomouse must be plugged into the system after the driver has been installed. If you plugged in the device prior to installation, simply unplug it, reboot and then plug it back in. After Installing driver, reboot machine to pickup driver. Then use Add Device command afterwards.


Best Regards,


New Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-13-2019

Re: USB TopoMouse doesn't work under PRO600

Thanks! I tried the new driver from the SDK before, however I had forgot to uninstall the old driver...

I wonder why Hexagon lists the 4.0.2 driver on the site as supported by win10: 4.0.2 Driver


Anyway, after uninstalling all the driver software and SDK, removing hardware, reboot and get a clean start, I installed the SDK with the right driver again, and the mouse was working from start.


Thanks for the help.