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ecw projection metadata is blank

Hello all,


I am running ERDAS Imagine 2016


I am exporting a .img file to a .ecw file, and the resulting .ecw file's metadata is blank under the Projection tab


This is causing problems opening the ecw file in other software, such as 12D. The projection should be MGA55 (datum GDA94), but 12D thinks the ecw is WGS84,LOCAL


I note that if I click on the TIFF INFO tab, and look under GeoTIFF Keys, it says GTCitationGeoKey = ERDAS Ermapper projection (WGS84,LOCAL)


Why is the projection metadata being lost?
I used to use ERMapper to produce ecw files, but I am transitioning to Imagine. But this result is a problem.




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Re: ecw projection metadata is blank

Hi Nick,


What does ERDAS IMAGINE report for the projection information of your IMG file? I would suggest that you try using the Reproject Images tool to project your image to EPSG:28355 (GDA94 / MGA zone 55) before exporting it to ECW format. Or you could save a step and simply reproject your image and output to ECW format directly from the Reproject Images tool.


ERDAS IMAGINE > Raster tab > Geometry group > Reproject


Kind regards,


Stephen Bent

Hexagon Geospatial Support