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.hpc to .las conversion

I have a presales question that I cannot answer regarding the conversion of a .hpc to .las?  I am familiar with the .las lidar format but not the .hpc or the process to convert between?

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Re: .hpc to .las conversion

Hi Rob,

We do not have direct exporter which can export *.hpc to Las. However you can try IMAGINE  Point Cloud Tools - Subset or Merge for converting *.hpc to *.las. . 




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Re: .hpc to .las conversion

The LAS format for point clouds is a good simple format for collecting and sharing point clouds, however, it does not have any sort of indexing or any sort of reduced resolution representations. As a result viewing millions or even billions of points in this format can be slow. Because Hexagon devices can collect billions of points, the Hexagon Point Cloud  (HPC) format was introduced. HPC is very highly compressed and can opened and viewed very rapidly. It can also be streamed across the web into client applications. This format is supported in most of the Hexagon Gespatial products like IMAGINE, GeoMedia, APOLLO, etc.


In the IMAGINE UI there is a tool to import various formats into HPC, but there is no ready made tool in the UI to go the other way, i.e. to convert HPC to LAS. 


This can be readily done using a small spatial model.



The supported input formats are:





The supported output formats are: