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imagery color

I'm new to the remote sensing world so bear with me. I'm trying to mosaic two aerial flights together but when I bring one of the flights in it's purple. The color correction options in the mosaic pro tool haven't helped. Also, it doesn't have the coloration issue when opened in ArcMap. The imagery is 16 bit captured with lumenera cameras. Any thoughts as to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Re: imagery color

Do the two images appear similar or different when you display them together in an IMAGINE 2D View? When loading each image make sure that you are have the No Stretch option turned on under the Raster Options tab in the Select Layer To Add dialog. 



If the images appear different in the 2D View, please check that the same band combination is being used for each image or try reversing the band order for one of the images. The band combination can be set under the Multispectral tab.





Stephen Bent

Hexagon Geospatial Support