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remove rotation / rotate raster


when I try to convert a .tif (+tfw) image in GeoCompressor, it returns me an error saying that it cannot be opened due to the fact that it has rotation defined which is not supported in the compression. Is there a way to use rotated rasters in GeoCompressor or to remove that rotation in ERDAS IMAGINE (without a usage of external tools like gdalwarp)? Of course we need to preserve the "image" location but need to store in the raster that is without any rotation. The objective it the publication in erdas apollo core by wms/wmts. Ay idea, what it the best solution?

Many thanks

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Re: remove rotation / rotate raster

Hi HonZa,


Have you tried using the ECW exporter in ERDAS IMAGINE? It should be capable of applying the rotation to the data during the compression process.




Ian Anderson
Chief Product Owner, Desktop Remote Sensing
Hexagon Geospatial