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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-06-2016

slowness stealth 3D S2-Z in PRO600 2018

I am using stealth 3D S2-Z  for stereoplotting at PRO600 in  ERDAS Imagine 2018 solution. According to the specifications of PRO600 and ERDAS 2018, the S2-Z are fully compatible but an annoying slowness data acquisition is noticed while using S2-Z in that software. The stealth doesn't follow features collecting. The operating system used is Windows 10 Professional and no drivers were needed to recognize the device. So, in order to fix that problem, do we have to set any special configurations for S2-Z?




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Re: slowness stealth 3D S2-Z in PRO600 2018

Hi Issane,


You can increase the speed of the device by going to Edit menu on the viewplex window (Edit -> device).


On teh Device dialog, select the device (S2-Z) and press the properties button. You can change the speed settings on this dialog using either the Axis-to-Ground settings.


Best regards, 

Sam Megenta

New Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-06-2016

Re: slowness stealth 3D S2-Z in PRO600 2018



the problem is not related to the speed of change coordinate but to the process of drawing itself. the drawing doesnt follow 

instanly the cursor when i press data button in the stealth. There is a significan delay between the draw and the mouvement of stealth. I already used topomouse usb with default parameters of speed and i didnt have that problem.