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using panchromatic adjustment tools with mosaic

when you load panchromatic imagery, you get a tab with a lot of options to adjust brightness, contrast, etc in various ways, presumably in order to balance everything out so you get a good match between images.

you can then save those results. I would assume that this means if you then go and mosaic them together you should get a mosaic based on those adjustments.

however, what seems to happen is that it throws all that out the window and just uses whatever stretch it applied to begin with.


is there a step I'm missing? even the built in tools in mosaic don't seem to make any difference, or you adjust them thinking you've got it dialed in, and you still end up with something that doesnt' look anything like what you chose.


any tips? suggestions? what am I missing?

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Re: using panchromatic adjustment tools with mosaic


Can you try with Color corrections from Mosaic Pro window > Edit menu > Color Corrections…


Selecting each option i.e., Check ON the respective option and click set... button. Then you can get the respective windows and you can perform the operations like Image dodging, Color balancing etc.