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Cannot connect to GeoMedia Warehouse Proxy when loading vector data in ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1.

by Technical Evangelist ‎11-11-2016 03:42 PM - edited ‎11-11-2016 03:44 PM (807 Views)


There is no longer an option to connect to GeoMedia Warehouse Proxy when trying to load vector data in ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1.


Vector access via GeoMedia Warehouse Proxy requires GeoMedia Objects (GMO) which is a 32-bit application. Hexagon Geospatial’s goal is to make ERDAS IMAGINE a 64-bit application. We are working towards this goal by either making our components support 64-bit or in cases where that is not possible swapping to technologies that support 64-bit processing. GMO was removed from ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1 since it is a 32-bit application. We have started and will continue to add support to some of the formats previously supported via Geomedia Warehouse Proxy.


In ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 we added support for ORACLE and SQL support via Oracle features proxy (*.ofp) and SQL Server features proxy (*.sfp). There will be databases that will be lost such as Microsoft Access database (*.mdb) because they are 32-bit. We will continue our efforts to expand supported vector formats in future versions of the software.