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Creating block files in Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-18-2019 02:23 PM (142 Views)


I don't have IMAGINE Photogrammetry licenses. Is it possible to create block files in SAfA?


If you have calibrated imagery (e.g .sup files), but if you don't have IMAGINE photogrammetry licenses you can still generate a block file in SAfA. We have “Create Block File” tool to generate block files for customers who don’t have IMAGINE Photogrammetry licenses. But you need at least Extensions 2014 SP2 for ArcGIS 10.3 or later versions to use this functionality.


Under Stereo Analyst menu you will see a “Create Block File” option. Here you can add oriented imagery, define coordinate system and create a block file. You can then import this block file into SAfA either using the legacy project importer or using block file image pair manager.


But if you neither have any other photogrammetry project (IMAGINE Photogrammetry block file, ISAT, INPHO MATCH-AT, SOCET SET projects) nor calibrated imagery, you need to generate a block file in IMAGINE Photogrammetry.