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ERDAS IMAGINE Global Preference Settings

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-10-2019 01:59 PM - edited on ‎10-10-2019 02:00 PM by Technical Evangelist (90 Views)


How can common ERDAS IMAGINE preference settings be made available for all users?


To ensure required uniform processing methods are used by all ERDAS IMAGINE users, it may be necessary to make custom software preferences available.


Three options can be used:


  1. Have each user edit and save their personal preferences as needed by using the ERDAS IMAGINE Preference Editor. User preferences are saved in the ‘v8preference’ file located in the user’s Home folder (e.g. C:\Users\<username>\.imagine1650). The user’s modified preferences will override the ERDAS IMAGINE default global preferences.Preferecne_ed.PNG
  2. Provide a common ‘v8preference’ file to all users with the required saved preferences to replace the existing ‘v8preference’ file in the user’s Home folder. If the user saved any personal preferences before this replacement, the saved preferences will be lost after replacing their personal ‘v8preference’ file. The preference changes can be added back after replacement.
  3. Modify the global default preference files for each ERDAS IMAGINE installation. This option may be advantageous for administering a controlled user preference environment for many different users. Remember, user saved preferences will override global preferences.

Global default user preferences are saved in the ERDAS IMAGINE global preference definition files (.pdf) located in C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ERDAS IMAGINE 2018\defaults. ERDAS IMAGINE never writes to global preference files. It is strongly recommended to make a backup copy of the \defaults folder before any editing! A personal ‘v8preference’ file template with the desired user preferences must be created from an ERDAS IMAGINE user account. The preference settings from this master ‘v8preference’ file must be integrated into the \defaults folder that contains the global preference definition files.

  1. Start ERDAS IMAGINE and open the Preference Editor to enter and save all required preferences to be used globally.
  2. Write permission must be added to the \defaults folder and to the necessary .pdf files to allow editing. Using the master ‘v8preference’ file as a template, the correct preference definition files (.pdf) must be identified for each user preference category. For example: Several User Interface > User Interface && Session category preferences are found in ‘eml.pdf’. The associated .pdf file is identified in a leader string for the .v8preference setting. In this example, the user default data directory is set to "C:/data/sfdc/test". The associated eml.pdf file is identified at the beginning of the .v8preference string.

.v8preference file setting

eml.default_data_path : "C:/data/sfdc/test";

eml.default_output_path : "C:/data/sfdc/test";


eml.pdf (default global) settings

default_data_path("Default Data Directory"):  "$IMAGINE_HOME/examples"


eml.pdf (modified global) setting

default_data_path("Default Data Directory"):  "C:/data/sfdc/test"


After editing the required .pdf files, restore the read only permissions to the \defaults folder and .pdf files. The \defaults folder or the edited .pdf files can be distributed to the other ERDAS IMAGINE installations.