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Error: calloc could not allocate space for Egda_BaseData data

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-12-2016 07:09 PM - edited on ‎09-20-2019 12:30 PM by Technical Evangelist (2,377 Views)


After creating a new raster file with a spatial model an error message occurs when attempting to display the raster attribute table of the new file. Why does this happen?


Error: calloc could not allocate space for Egda_BaseData data


You need to calculate statistics for the new raster image before you can display the raster attribute table.

Open the "View / Edit Image Metadata" tool (Home tab > Information group > Metadata drop down list>"View / Edit Image Metadata" )

Go to the Edit menu > select the " Compute Pyramid Layers/Statistics)  and use a skip factor of 1 for both the X and Y for every pixel to be considering while calculating statistics. 

Then click OK in the "Compute Pyramid Layers/Statistics" window.

on ‎08-06-2018 11:10 AM

I get the same error message when I try to open my FFT data (1-band) using the Fourier Transform Editor. My input image is 25,446 x 27,780 and FFT data is 32,772 x 32,772 in dimension. I am trying to perform a circular filter in Fourier domain. Any thoughts or suggestions besides reducing the data size?