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How do I automatically update the z value for Ground Control Points in IMAGINE Photogrammetry?

by Technical Evangelist on ‎03-25-2016 05:55 PM (434 Views)

The z values for the Ground Control Points can be automatically updated by specifying a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). This can be achieved by selecting the 'Reset vertical reference source' button, which is the second one in the fourth row of buttons in the Point Measurement Tool. In the upcoming dialog it is possible to specify a DEM or (for flat areas) a constant value. In order to have the Z reference updated automatically it is necessary to select the 'Set Automatic Z Value Updating' button, which is the third one in the third row of buttons in the Point Measurement Tool. When the button is selected it will show a cross displayed on it. Whenever a point is positioned in an image, the corresponding z value is automatically updated from the DEM