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How to change ECW settings for different mosaic outputs.

by on ‎09-07-2016 09:00 AM (571 Views)


Several output format settings such as ECW version 2 and version 3 along with different compression ratios are required for mosaicking projects, but ERDAS IMAGINE does not prompt for these settings when creating a mosaic output in ECW format. How can the ECW settings be changed?


The ECW settings can be changed with the ERDAS IMAGINE Preference Editor. Select ERDAS IMAGINE File tab > Preferences to open the Preference Editor and then choose the File Formats > ECW Image Files category.


Define the required ECW settings such as the target compression ratio and ECW version, then save the preferences before running the MosaicPro process. There is no need to restart ERDAS IMAGINE or the MosaicPro workstation for the preference changes to take effect as long as the preference settings are saved first, therefore the mosaic project and data will not have to be reloaded after changing the ECW settings.