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How to export improved RPCs.

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-19-2016 03:32 PM - edited on ‎03-21-2016 03:49 PM by Anonymous (581 Views)


After performing RPC refinement in IMAGINE Photogrammetry, can the improved RPCs be exported?


You may generate new RPCs after refinement to feed NITF export. 


  1. Start the RPC Generation tool. Raster tab > Geometry group > Geometric Calibration menu > RPC Generation.
  2. Select calibrated imagery or the block file.
  3. Enter the minimum and maximum Z values for the output file or click the Set button to select a DEM.
  4. Enter RMSE Tolerance and Max Absolute Error.
  5. Enter the number of Sample Posts and Line Posts in the Cell Array to use to create a control cube for RPC generation and the number of the Z planes to use in RPC generation.
  6. If the status is Undefined, left-click to open the Elevation Info Chooser dialog and select a vertical datum for the output RPC. Always set this to match the input vertical datum of the imagery.
  7. Click Run to accept your options and generate the RPCs. The status will be updated and the Max error and RMSE will be computed.


The RPC will be generated in an .uai file. This file is then exported to a NITF using IMAGINE Import/Export tool.

on ‎04-30-2019 07:53 AM



i get an error when i am using the resulting RPCs form RPC genetor in RPC NTIF blk. The message error is: cannot solve the rational functions with desired results. Do you have any hint about the source of this error?