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How to import Digital Globe image tiles into IMAGINE Photogrammetry

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-25-2019 05:11 PM (93 Views)


Digital Globe often provides imagery cut into smaller tiles. How can I add Digital Globe image tiles into IMAGINE Photogrammetry? Should I first combine these tiles using Import tool?


You don’t need to use IMAGINE Import tool and import the TIL format to a .img format image. You can directly add TIL files to IMAGINE Photogrammetry block file. Digital Globe overlapping tiles (as defined in the TIL header) are supported in IMAGINE and IMAGINE Photogrammetry since ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 Update 1. Create an Orbital Pushbroom or Rational Functions block file, then add TIL files to the block selecting Digital Globe TIL (.til) as the file type. The data that has been split into multiple image tiles will be treated as a single image by IMAGINE Photogrammetry.