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How to use the Brightness Contrast operator in a Spatial Model.

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-05-2016 01:57 PM - edited on ‎06-10-2016 02:39 AM by Anonymous (680 Views)

Brightness Contrast operator


The Brightness Contrast operator does not work unless you put a Stretch operator directly before it. If you run a simple spatial model using this operator without a Stretch operator before it, it will fail. The session log reports “ERROR: Spatial Model failed in Brightness Contrast. Error: Unspecified function failed”.


Below is an example of a spatial model which does not work.




A Stretch operator must be placed before the Brightness Contrast operator. In this example, the No Stretch operator is used. The No Stretch operator requires two inputs, a Raster and InputStats. The InputStats are output from the Full Stats output port of the Statistics operator. The Statistics operator collects several basic statistical values from the input Raster.


Below is an example of a spatial model which does work with the Brightness Contrast operator.




This Brightness Contrast spatial model file is attached to this article in a ZIP file.