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I cannot import Exterior Orientation parameters correctly

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-03-2019 01:34 PM (80 Views)


I am importing Exterior Orientation parameters from an ASCII file. Import does not fail but imported parameters are not correct. What is the correct file format for Exterior Orientation File?


You can import exterior orientation information from an ASCII file. In the Block Property Setup dialog after you set coordinate system for your project, you can associate the X, Y, Z, Omega, Phi, Kappa parameters with the image name or image ID by clicking the “Import Exterior Orientation Parameters” button.


You will need to have an ASCII .dat file with 8 columns (Image ID, Image Name, X, Y, Z, omega, phi, and kappa) in order for the import to work correctly.


For example:


1 digcam1.tif 599021.176 4159556.405 1851.948 -1.229528 6.844284 -97.622549

2 digcam2.tif 598859.134 4159579.441 1853.994 -0.116640 6.018895 -98.067556

3 digcam3.tif 598688.036 4159584.978 1853.561 0.145811 4.769086 -95.931765


If you have less than 8 columns, insert additional columns to your ASCII file according to above example. If you have more than 8 columns, make sure you assign correct field numbers to EO parameters. For example, if X coordinates are in the 4th column in the .dat file, you should enter 4 for X coordinate. Also, click Input Preview on Import Options dialogue box, and check if all entries are correct.